Thank You For A Great Year! We Are One Year Old!

Message from our Founder, Doina Oncel:

HV 1 yrOne year ago on Valentine’s Day I made a big leap in incorporating our organization. On February 14, 2013 it was official, we were in business. What a great feeling that was! I remember that day thinking that now Valentine’s Day has a special meaning for me. This organization was built on love, passion and dedication. The willingness to make an impact for the next generation is stronger than anything else. So far, hEr VOLUTION has been the biggest accomplishment for me. The past 12 months had been nothing but hard work and dedication to ensure that we are on the road to success. There were many challenges along the way as many of the projects were executed with no funding, however nothing is impossible when motivation is there. Personally, I feel that the support that came along the way via Social Media, referrals and word of mouth, was a major reason why I felt that I am on the right track moving forward. Our volunteers that made a difference during the summer, and some of them looking to return during time off of school, were inspiring me to move forward. They had the same passion for this cause as I did. When reaching out to workshop facilitators for them to make it possible for us to run our workshop without hesitation, was a great feeling for me and I am always grateful for that. Particularly that they were doing it on volunteer basis while providing their own materials! I probably never said this enough of how grateful I am for that. Our Board of Directors who has given their time and space for our meetings to ensure we are going on the right track, Thank You! Our sponsors and partners, I am so grateful for your support!

I am excited for what is next. As you will see below, our team ( everyone involved in any way) had made it possible for us to make our existence with integrity therefore worthy of funding. I hope that this year we will be able to raise enough funds to carry forward our mission of encouraging girls and young women to pursue STEM based careers and promote stakeholder’s involvement in the support of STEM education on Canada. We will be planning Town Hall meeting s to ensure that the community will be well connected with our industry partners and have their voices heard. I am hoping that there will be enough questions to make a difference to our future generation of women. With your support we will make it happen. So, please stay tuned for our exciting plans and I hope to see you along to our future events be it Town Hall meetings or our monthly workshops that we are currently planning.

I am going to end this with a heartfelt Thank You! Without any of you I could never do this!

Yours truly,

Doina Oncel
CEO/Founder of hEr VOLUTION

Preview of Our 1st Year! 

We run a total of 8 workshops: 
| Famous Women In STEM. A History | Influencing Young Women Through Math | Brains Brains Brains | Our Relationship With Nature | The Secret Lives Of Electronics | Behind Te Scenes of Forensic Science | The Science of Cures | All About Robots |

Our Founder, Doina Oncel, was invited to speak at a few prestigious events such as:
| Simon Fraser University – BCNET 2013 Conference  | Women in Aerospace CanadaCanadian Space Commerce Association

We made presence at Youth Day Toronto 2013 

We work with the best Board of Directors:

Bonnie Lui, Chair | Melissa Bessey, Co-Chair | Mimi Lee, Treasurer |Claire Crossley, Secretary | Natalie Panek, Youth Advocate

We work with the best partners and sponsors:

We are media: We write for Huffington Post to raise awareness on issues pertaining to women in STEM in Canada – Check our posts hereWe have been featured in: 
Woman On A Mission – Diana Nazareth Photography | Michener Institute, Michener News Fall Edition Newsletter | Twittnick Magazine December Edition | Enable Education – Various Posts | Huffington Post,What Is Success?
thank you
   HV 1st workshop hv cover
 hv math       HV Testimonial

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