International Women’s Day – March 8th!


March 8th is International Women’s Day (IWD) – how are you celebrating?

First, some history. International Women’s Day arose from a movement for women’s equal rights, with first events being held in Europe in 1911! Today, this day is celebrated internationally, with events all around the world. Usually the entire week holding March 8th is used to celebrate the progress and achievements of women and the importance of gender equality.

Each year Canada creates a theme for the celebrations – this year it is ‘Strong Women. Strong Canada’. Canadian women creating jobs one business at a time. Specifically the significance that women entrepreneurs play in  driving growth, creating  jobs, and fostering innovation in the  Canadian economy.

Some of the amazing events being held in Canada can be found here:

Specific to my industry, Aerospace, other events include the Women in Aerospace Canada luncheon featuring retired Commander of the Canadian Snowbirds, Maryse Carmichael. And the aviation industry uses this week to celebrate Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, in an attempt to get more girls flying! Girls who have never flown in a small plane before have the opportunity to fly for free, usually with a female pilot. This year’s theme is: “Pushing the limits: 100 years of female aerobatic pilots & 50 years of women flying solo around the world” and a quick look at a few of the featured speakers is truly impressive. More information can be found at the site below!

So how are you celebrating? There definitely will not be a shortage of ways to participate in an amazing day!


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