We Need More Women in Aerospace

There is no doubt that raising awareness on issues such as STEM, particularly Engineering fields in Canada is a valuable experience. Seminars and conferences are a big part of making the necessary noise in order for professionals who are in the industry and the future generation who will enter the field to better understand what is actually taking place in the industry.

Gatherings such as conferences and association meetings are imperative when tackling issues in the industry where experts from that particular industry is present to answer questions that many people in the audience may have. In the aerospace industry is no different. Much needed conversation needs to take place in order for upcoming talent to understand issues challenges and be part of the solutions that need to be implemented once they embark in this field or any of the STEM fields for that matter. Given that the experts are there to offer a better understanding of what and how solutions were handled and to endow wisdom to the future generation of space engineers, it will give the young generation a good idea where things are once they will board on the innovative and exciting opportunities presented to them. The wisdom and support passed on is crucial as it also stands for creating curiosity and interest in this industry that is slowly going to become a need in Canada. With the current workforce becoming of age of retirement in Canada and the upcoming high demand to fill those positions in the near future how do we ensure that this will not become a crisis but a smooth transition where well trained engineers will come on board to fill those positions? According to an study done by Engineers Canada Replacement Demand would be almost doubled the national impact of extended retirement  Engineers Lost to the Workforce Base Case = 48,104 Alternative Case =50,862

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