What does it take to raise confident women in today’s society?

DSC00679Being a young woman in today’s society is not an easy and effortless thing to be. Although there were some attempts by a few brands to use the media to tell women that they are sufficient  just by being themselves, the messages that we are not good enough as women are still predominant. Based on many conducted surveys, young women are faced with the challenge of belonging in the society and, in order to feel accepted, some of them go to extreme measures.

What we know for sure is that positive self esteem is a key source to change the way women look at themselves. Confidence attracts excellence and vice-versa. What does it take to raise confident women in today’s society?


Investing in education for girls is one major component in overcoming the self esteem struggle. However, if we still use the same teaching methods that were used centuries ago we will not be able to see positive results, we will not be able to disrupt a movement or revolutionize the way young women will be influenced to learn about themselves and their roles in society.  Education has to become main concern at home with parental involvement.  Parents need to take a stand in their daughters’  learning and teaching young women to read between the lines is crucial to how they will see the world and themselves.  21st Century Learning is an important factor which is overseen in schools today. Books still reflect the men of the society from the past who are recognized as innovators while the women who’ve made an equal or greater impact have been neglected.

Here is a great TEDx Talk in regards education and why schools must focus on un-learning and pay attention to modern teaching.

Let’s not forget that without the current tools it will be hard to adapt to change and to focus on the conversation that will in turn help kids discover their love for learning.

Role Models:

It is very hard for young women to find other women to look at as positive role models. Although a mother is the first woman they look up to as girls, young women need other women who are influential in the society to see themselves in. Women who reflect roles of power and decision makers in the work place are somewhat rare to find. We have media again to find discrepancies as to how a woman became so powerful based on merits alone. Negative messages are once again sent to the younger generation of women who will think that becoming powerful is not possible by just being smart but beauty defined by others plays an important role in their success.  The fact of the matter is that any woman can be a role model hence why it is important for us, women who want to leave a legacy behind for the next generation, to push the boundaries and be daring so that we can lead by example in order for change to take place.

Conclusion: We need to start focusing on investing in the education of the next generation of women. Times change and so do behaviours. It is for the betterment of our society to have girls and young women included and give them essential education through making women role models more visible in text books. Considering they are a reflection of themselves, role models, whether they are mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins or professional women  are key tools in raising daughters with high self esteem. Innovation starts with us. Transforming the way young women are empowered to lead future innovation starts with us. Giving them the torch and confidence to take on challenges and to allow for assurance to take charge will place women at the forefront of innovation. That alone will create enough change and give the future generation of women opportunities to be involved in careers which are traditionally known as male dominated. Having women at the focal point of media as positive role models, as trailblazers and by being recognized for their academic and professional achievements is another powerful tool supporting in creating positive change in the next generation of women innovators. 

Starting small at home is a good foundation. Having daughters involved in programs and classes in which empowers them to gain a high self esteem is a promising beginning.  Allowing for self expression while initiating ‘play’ which encourages critical thinking is fundamental to a positive outcome. Nurturing ideas while inspiring innovation will develop girls and young women’s curiosity and perseverance resulting in immeasurable impact for women and economic growth. 

How are you making an impact?


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