hEr VOLUTION Founder Wins #29DaysofHope Make Over

It’s never easy being a work-from-home entrepreneur, throw single parent duties into the mix along with launching your own nonprofit organization (focused on evening out the gender playing field in STEM industries) and well, let’s just say that things like rest, down time and even sleep become fleeting memories of the past.

This is the reality for hEr VOLUTION’s fearless founder Doina Oncel, who does all of the above, runs her own social media marketing agency and has been through hell and back but lived to tell the tale; all with a big, bright smile on her face. It’s no wonder that Doina was recently chosen as the Winner of 29 Secret’s 29 Days of Hope event and we’re so happy to see her gain the recognition she deserves.


As the grand prize winner of 29secrets.com‘s #29DaysofHope contest, Doina had the opportunity to spend the day getting pampered, lunch and learning with the 29 Secrets team and having her hair & makeup done. If that wasn’t enough, she also went home with some practical hair and makeup tips, new clothes from H&M, gift certificate to dinner from Joe Bardali’s Ristorante, a chance to be pampered at West Salon and Spa  and the chance to share her story.

What inspires us most about Doina’s journey is her ability to preserver through the lowest point in her life and use social media (Twitter) as inspiration to get social again rather than feel hopeless about her situation. We also love her ability to take the time to realize her own strength, when none else did and act as her own champion in order to create change in her life.

“Nobody knew how strong it was going to be. People close to me thought there would be no money in Twitter or any social media sites and that I was crazy to invest any time in it. I still laugh every time I think about it.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.32.10 AM

If you haven’t read Doina’s story yet, click the image above and give it a read (you may need tissue) then let us know what inspired you most about her story. If you’re wondering what our fearless founder’s ‘ultimate’ goal is, this is what Doina had to say:

“My goal is to share my story in order to inspire all girls and women, from all walks of life, to go after their dreams despite their challenges.”

Congratulations Doina, the  entire hEr VOLUTION team is so proud of you and we look forward to helping you continue to make your dream of gender equality in STEM industries a reality and we’re sure that we will make change happen with your constant dedication and guidance.


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