Support Beyond the #Selfie Project on @Crowdtilt

There are many things that one can do with $25 and supporting a crowdfunding campaign is one of them. We are happy to announce that have started our campaign in support of our Beyond the #Selfie Project. With a minimum of $25 you can help girls from underprivileged households to attend our photography summer camp while giving them an experience to last a lifetime.    

Most kids have access to a camera or a mobile device that can take pictures, but how do they process what they see? How do they portray themselves? How do they communicate in the language of images in a digitally saturated society that produces over 60 billion images each month on Facebook alone?

This one-week intensive summer camp is designed to empower girls to express themselves through the art and craft of self-portrait photography. Through a series of creative photo assignments, field-trips, and slideshow presentations participants will be introduced to the creative fundamentals of photography such as composition, perspective, tone, space, timing and how to use light and shadow to create compelling and artistic photography. Participants will also learn basic photo-editing skills and curate a photo show for family and friends, and create and design a photo book featuring their self-portraits and writings.

This is an opportunity of a life time for the girls attending this camp as the experience does not involve learning about photography alone but, most importantly, about their self esteem intersecting technology and entrepreneurship.

The most valuable aspect of this camp is that the girls are able to share their learning by showcasing their end product to their family, friends and their community allowing them the opportunity to sell the photo books and pay if forward with raising money for their school or a charity of their choice and/or their college fund while spreading the important message of positive self esteem to girls around the world! 

Girls will be engaged in fun and empowering hands-on and collaborative learning while having access to valuable resources allowing for self expression and becoming inspired to make the world a better place.

We need your help to support girls who come from low income families and diverse backgrounds to access such camp and develop skills which will take them to the next level in their life while making the world a better place through self empowerment. The funds raise will allow 5 girls to access this camp at no cost to them and cover the cost for their materials needed to run this camp successfully. 

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