Aaron Hosein, B.Eng. Undergraduate

Aaron Hosein, B.Eng. Undergraduate

Email: aaron.hosein@ryerson.ca

Mechanical Engineering undergraduate searching for an internship opportunity in the fields of process engineering and quality control. I am genuinely interested in solving real world problems and making life easier for people. Studying at Ryerson University, I offer valuable experience in project management, research analysis and software modelling design.

Summary of Skills and Professional Development:

  • Problem Solving

o   Approached engineering design problems by organizing given information and researching missing data to solve the problem. Projects that surpassed my expectations include: designing a riding lawnmower, designing a steam power plant and improving government security policies.

  • Leadership & Teamwork

o   Managed document and research compilation for several engineering design projects, while taking into account conflicting team member schedules to maximize productivity.

  • Work Ethic

o   Able to transition seamlessly between performing document based work and more physically demanding tasks with ease.

  • Certifications

o   LEAN and Six Sigma Green Belt certification

o   Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

  • Technical Skills

o   Design Software: AutoCAD, Inventor and SolidWorks

o   Programming Languages: MATLAB and Python

o   Graphic Design: Adobe Creative Suite

o   Office: Microsoft Office and Google Docs

I am a friendly and respectful individual who thrives in a dynamic environment where I can learn and collaborate with others towards a common goal. Most importantly, I am self-motivated to learn and develop new skills every day. If you would like to learn more about how I can help your organization, you can contact me at aaron.hosein@ryerson.ca.


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