Support Beyond the #Selfie Project on @Crowdtilt

There are many things that one can do with $25 and supporting a crowdfunding campaign is one of them. We are happy to announce that have started our campaign in support of our Beyond the #Selfie Project. With a minimum of $25 you can help girls from underprivileged households to attend our photography summer camp while giving them an experience to last a lifetime.    

Most kids have access to a camera or a mobile device that can take pictures, but how do they process what they see? How do they portray themselves? How do they communicate in the language of images in a digitally saturated society that produces over 60 billion images each month on Facebook alone?

This one-week intensive summer camp is designed to empower girls to express themselves through the art and craft of self-portrait photography. Through a series of creative photo assignments, field-trips, and slideshow presentations participants will be introduced to the creative fundamentals of photography such as composition, perspective, tone, space, timing and how to use light and shadow to create compelling and artistic photography. Participants will also learn basic photo-editing skills and curate a photo show for family and friends, and create and design a photo book featuring their self-portraits and writings. Continue reading


Mateca Arts Encourages The Intersection of Art, Technology And Culture

In a city abounding with artists, art festivals and art opportunities, you may wonder why someone would create yet another art event. But Mateca Arts founder Teresa Otten had no such question when creating Mateca Arts Festival. As a visual artist herself who is concerned for nature and the impact that we have on our environment, she has created an event that brings together university students from Latin America and Canada to express how they feel about our environment and some of the tech-inspired results will make you stop and think twice about how we affect nature. Continue reading

hEr VOLUTION Founder Wins #29DaysofHope Make Over

It’s never easy being a work-from-home entrepreneur, throw single parent duties into the mix along with launching your own nonprofit organization (focused on evening out the gender playing field in STEM industries) and well, let’s just say that things like rest, down time and even sleep become fleeting memories of the past.

This is the reality for hEr VOLUTION’s fearless founder Doina Oncel, who does all of the above, runs her own social media marketing agency and has been through hell and back but lived to tell the tale; all with a big, bright smile on her face. It’s no wonder that Doina was recently chosen as the Winner of 29 Secret’s 29 Days of Hope event and we’re so happy to see her gain the recognition she deserves. Continue reading

Aria Forrest Nominated for The 2014 Canadian Living Me to We Awards

When we first began our journey with hEr VOLUTION last year, we had a small but dedicated team ready to support our efforts to create opportunities for girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and some of our youngest day-one supporters were the kids from the Give The Kids A Voice blog. We are proud to announce that Aria, the blog’s founder has been nominated for a 2014 Canadian Living, Me to We Award for Youth in Action (12 and under) and we can’t think of a more deserving young person.

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What does it take to raise confident women in today’s society?

DSC00679Being a young woman in today’s society is not an easy and effortless thing to be. Although there were some attempts by a few brands to use the media to tell women that they are sufficient  just by being themselves, the messages that we are not good enough as women are still predominant. Based on many conducted surveys, young women are faced with the challenge of belonging in the society and, in order to feel accepted, some of them go to extreme measures.

What we know for sure is that positive self esteem is a key source to change the way women look at themselves. Confidence attracts excellence and vice-versa. What does it take to raise confident women in today’s society?

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National Education Week: Recognizing Amy Leask

“They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don’t know it” 
― Nicholas SparksDear John

hEr VOLUTION is celebrating National Education Week  and are honoured to recognize a woman who has been invaluable to our success so far! She has a rich background in education with over 10 years experience teaching both in-class and online at the secondary and post-secondary level, as well as in adult and continuing education. She currently designs and creates education and training materials for educators, employers, and industry professionals. Her current interests include the promotion of 21st Century Skills, STEM and STEAM education, as well as the development of online learning communities.  Continue reading

Trailblazers: Honoring the Women of Boeing


I am always inspired by amazing women in the aviation field and these women do not disappoint! The Boeing Company is honoring some pretty spectacular women including test pilots, flight engineers, and the first female line supervisors. To celebrate these innovative and game changing women, Boeing has released a new book featuring their stories.

These women share the stories of their journeys and the people who helped them along the way. They are just a cross section of the many in STEM whom are inspiring young people to pursue an education in math, science and technology.

You can check out an amazing video here:

And their stories here: