Using Media to Inspire a Love for Science and Technology

Robotic operator and aerospace engineer, Natalie Panek discusses some of the reasons why women are still under-represented in STEM careers and calls for the media to help turn the tide.

By challenging the media to feature more positive role models, we can inspire young women to enter what have traditionally been male-dominated fields, and to want to contribute to positively changing the world.

The ultimate goal is the opportunity to engage a larger demographic with technology. Ultimately technology can and is going to revolutionize the world. The world would be wise to have a much more diverse population advancing what technology can accomplish.

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Trailblazers: Honoring the Women of Boeing


I am always inspired by amazing women in the aviation field and these women do not disappoint! The Boeing Company is honoring some pretty spectacular women including test pilots, flight engineers, and the first female line supervisors. To celebrate these innovative and game changing women, Boeing has released a new book featuring their stories.

These women share the stories of their journeys and the people who helped them along the way. They are just a cross section of the many in STEM whom are inspiring young people to pursue an education in math, science and technology.

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And their stories here:

We Need More Women in Aerospace

There is no doubt that raising awareness on issues such as STEM, particularly Engineering fields in Canada is a valuable experience. Seminars and conferences are a big part of making the necessary noise in order for professionals who are in the industry and the future generation who will enter the field to better understand what is actually taking place in the industry.

Gatherings such as conferences and association meetings are imperative when tackling issues in the industry where experts from that particular industry is present to answer questions that many people in the audience may have. In the aerospace industry is no different. Much needed conversation needs to take place in order for upcoming talent to understand issues challenges and be part of the solutions that need to be implemented once they embark in this field or any of the STEM fields for that matter. Given that the experts are there to offer a better understanding of what and how solutions were handled and to endow wisdom to the future generation of space engineers, it will give the young generation a good idea where things are once they will board on the innovative and exciting opportunities presented to them. The wisdom and support passed on is crucial as it also stands for creating curiosity and interest in this industry that is slowly going to become a need in Canada. With the current workforce becoming of age of retirement in Canada and the upcoming high demand to fill those positions in the near future how do we ensure that this will not become a crisis but a smooth transition where well trained engineers will come on board to fill those positions? According to an study done by Engineers Canada Replacement Demand would be almost doubled the national impact of extended retirement  Engineers Lost to the Workforce Base Case = 48,104 Alternative Case =50,862

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Science Fair Journey Of An Award Winning Canadian Female Scientist

It can start with a spark, a moment of curiosity. It can start while discovering innovative ideas come to life. It can start with a question raised, a clip from a show, a game, and, in this case, a poster. The discussion of how to get more women interested in STEM fields, commonly known as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, continues as does the struggles to figure out the “how”. As a mission to encourage more girls and young women to follow their curiosity in the rewarding fields of STEM, it is imperative to bring to surface lived experiences of other young women and expose their reality of the journey involved in any of these fields. As Canadians it makes it for a sweeter reality to know that an aspiring young woman scientist has represented Canada internationally at Science Fairs bringing home awards for her scientific discoveries.

Jessie MacAlpine has done all of that, all because of her love for science. She is a great example, a great mentor to girls and young women who may have that curious thought of what is it like to be a scientist. She is a leader and an inspiration to little girls who dream that one day they can too become successful while making a difference though science.

I hope that her story will encourage girls and young women to pursue their dreams and take on challenges because making a difference is just as rewarding as the journey to leadership. Continue reading

Women of Aviation – CC-177 Globemaster III Pilots


This week I had the opportunity to participate in multiple events for Women of Aviation World Wide week! This annual event aims to encourage more young women to consider careers in aviation. Local airports host “Girls Fly Too” events, where young women who have never flown in a small plane are taken up on a flight by volunteer pilots.

While speaking at an event in Oshawa on the weekend, I met two amazing pilots under the age of 30 Continue reading

International Women’s Day – March 8th!


March 8th is International Women’s Day (IWD) – how are you celebrating?

First, some history. International Women’s Day arose from a movement for women’s equal rights, with first events being held in Europe in 1911! Today, this day is celebrated internationally, with events all around the world. Usually the entire week holding March 8th is used to celebrate the progress and achievements of women and the importance of gender equality.

Each year Canada creates a theme for the celebrations – this year it is ‘Strong Women. Strong Canada’. Canadian women creating jobs one business at a time. Specifically the significance that women entrepreneurs play in  driving growth, creating  jobs, and fostering innovation in the  Canadian economy. Continue reading

Women Represent on TIME Magazine’s 30 Under 30

Time 30 under 30

Late last year, TIME magazine published a list of the up-coming revolutionary and game-changing young leaders from around the world.

These are visionaries in categories like engineering, science, politics, media, and many others who are changing the face of leadership and innovation.

The coolest aspect of this list is that roughly 40% are women!! Taking a closer look, there is a shortage of women in the engineering and tech categories., which is exactly why organizations like Hervolution are so very, very important. Inspiring the next generation of women to tackle challenge head-on and embrace leadership and innovation.

Definitely check out the entire list here!