Summer Photography Camp for Girls: Exploring Self-Portraiture

LTP-'THE-BEST-PART-OF-ME'-Hands We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Diana Nazareth . Lifestyle Photographer to run a summer camp on photography for girls in Toronto.

This one-week intensive summer camp is designed to empower girls to express themselves through the art and craft of self-portrait photography. Through a series of creative photo assignments, field-trips, and slideshow presentations participants will be introduced to the creative fundamentals of photography such as composition, perspective, tone, space, timing and how to use light and shadow to create compelling and artistic photography. Participants will also learn basic photo-editing skills and curate a photo show for family and friends, and create and design a photo book featuring their self-portraits and writings. Continue reading


Science Fair Journey Of An Award Winning Canadian Female Scientist

It can start with a spark, a moment of curiosity. It can start while discovering innovative ideas come to life. It can start with a question raised, a clip from a show, a game, and, in this case, a poster. The discussion of how to get more women interested in STEM fields, commonly known as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, continues as does the struggles to figure out the “how”. As a mission to encourage more girls and young women to follow their curiosity in the rewarding fields of STEM, it is imperative to bring to surface lived experiences of other young women and expose their reality of the journey involved in any of these fields. As Canadians it makes it for a sweeter reality to know that an aspiring young woman scientist has represented Canada internationally at Science Fairs bringing home awards for her scientific discoveries.

Jessie MacAlpine has done all of that, all because of her love for science. She is a great example, a great mentor to girls and young women who may have that curious thought of what is it like to be a scientist. She is a leader and an inspiration to little girls who dream that one day they can too become successful while making a difference though science.

I hope that her story will encourage girls and young women to pursue their dreams and take on challenges because making a difference is just as rewarding as the journey to leadership. Continue reading

Female Rocket Scientist Helps Launch America’s First Satellite!

Mary Sherman Morgan

‘Modern Rocket Woman Reviews “Rocket Girl”, Gets To Know Game-Changing Engineer Lost To History’.

Mary Sherman Morgan was a true trailblazer when it comes to women in engineering and science. As a gifted Chemist, she engineered the history of the Space Race by inventing the fuel Hydyne. This fuel was used to launch America’s first satellite into orbit!

Her story was told in the book ‘Rocket Girl’ – You can check out the review posted on Women You Should Know at this link!