Support Beyond the #Selfie Project on @Crowdtilt

There are many things that one can do with $25 and supporting a crowdfunding campaign is one of them. We are happy to announce that have started our campaign in support of our Beyond the #Selfie Project. With a minimum of $25 you can help girls from underprivileged households to attend our photography summer camp while giving them an experience to last a lifetime.    

Most kids have access to a camera or a mobile device that can take pictures, but how do they process what they see? How do they portray themselves? How do they communicate in the language of images in a digitally saturated society that produces over 60 billion images each month on Facebook alone?

This one-week intensive summer camp is designed to empower girls to express themselves through the art and craft of self-portrait photography. Through a series of creative photo assignments, field-trips, and slideshow presentations participants will be introduced to the creative fundamentals of photography such as composition, perspective, tone, space, timing and how to use light and shadow to create compelling and artistic photography. Participants will also learn basic photo-editing skills and curate a photo show for family and friends, and create and design a photo book featuring their self-portraits and writings. Continue reading


What does it take to raise confident women in today’s society?

DSC00679Being a young woman in today’s society is not an easy and effortless thing to be. Although there were some attempts by a few brands to use the media to tell women that they are sufficient  just by being themselves, the messages that we are not good enough as women are still predominant. Based on many conducted surveys, young women are faced with the challenge of belonging in the society and, in order to feel accepted, some of them go to extreme measures.

What we know for sure is that positive self esteem is a key source to change the way women look at themselves. Confidence attracts excellence and vice-versa. What does it take to raise confident women in today’s society?

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We Need More Women in Aerospace

There is no doubt that raising awareness on issues such as STEM, particularly Engineering fields in Canada is a valuable experience. Seminars and conferences are a big part of making the necessary noise in order for professionals who are in the industry and the future generation who will enter the field to better understand what is actually taking place in the industry.

Gatherings such as conferences and association meetings are imperative when tackling issues in the industry where experts from that particular industry is present to answer questions that many people in the audience may have. In the aerospace industry is no different. Much needed conversation needs to take place in order for upcoming talent to understand issues challenges and be part of the solutions that need to be implemented once they embark in this field or any of the STEM fields for that matter. Given that the experts are there to offer a better understanding of what and how solutions were handled and to endow wisdom to the future generation of space engineers, it will give the young generation a good idea where things are once they will board on the innovative and exciting opportunities presented to them. The wisdom and support passed on is crucial as it also stands for creating curiosity and interest in this industry that is slowly going to become a need in Canada. With the current workforce becoming of age of retirement in Canada and the upcoming high demand to fill those positions in the near future how do we ensure that this will not become a crisis but a smooth transition where well trained engineers will come on board to fill those positions? According to an study done by Engineers Canada Replacement Demand would be almost doubled the national impact of extended retirement  Engineers Lost to the Workforce Base Case = 48,104 Alternative Case =50,862

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Science Fair Journey Of An Award Winning Canadian Female Scientist

It can start with a spark, a moment of curiosity. It can start while discovering innovative ideas come to life. It can start with a question raised, a clip from a show, a game, and, in this case, a poster. The discussion of how to get more women interested in STEM fields, commonly known as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, continues as does the struggles to figure out the “how”. As a mission to encourage more girls and young women to follow their curiosity in the rewarding fields of STEM, it is imperative to bring to surface lived experiences of other young women and expose their reality of the journey involved in any of these fields. As Canadians it makes it for a sweeter reality to know that an aspiring young woman scientist has represented Canada internationally at Science Fairs bringing home awards for her scientific discoveries.

Jessie MacAlpine has done all of that, all because of her love for science. She is a great example, a great mentor to girls and young women who may have that curious thought of what is it like to be a scientist. She is a leader and an inspiration to little girls who dream that one day they can too become successful while making a difference though science.

I hope that her story will encourage girls and young women to pursue their dreams and take on challenges because making a difference is just as rewarding as the journey to leadership. Continue reading

Thank You For A Great Year! We Are One Year Old!

Message from our Founder, Doina Oncel:

HV 1 yrOne year ago on Valentine’s Day I made a big leap in incorporating our organization. On February 14, 2013 it was official, we were in business. What a great feeling that was! I remember that day thinking that now Valentine’s Day has a special meaning for me. This organization was built on love, passion and dedication. The willingness to make an impact for the next generation is stronger than anything else. So far, hEr VOLUTION has been the biggest accomplishment for me. The past 12 months had been nothing but hard work and dedication to ensure that we are on the road to success. There were many challenges along the way as many of the projects were executed with no funding, however nothing is impossible when motivation is there. Personally, I feel that the support that came along the way via Social Media, referrals and word of mouth, was a major reason why I felt that I am on the right track moving forward. Our volunteers that made a difference during the summer, and some of them looking to return during time off of school, were inspiring me to move forward. Continue reading

A Call For More Female Mentors

mentors blogNot too long ago I was in a room full of women where they were discussing their future. Some were older and felt that they had nothing to live for while some were looking at their future with hope.  Are we feeding enough knowledge into the next generation to ensure that their future is bright enough so that they can stand on their own? Maybe or maybe not.

The older generation of women would reminisce at the chances they were not given and the opportunities they have missed all because they were born females. One in particular was born to solve crime in a scientific lab but her father had said to her that her job was to have a family and raise children. Learning how to cook might be a better option for her.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is an important factor to our society. Without science we cannot examine the world around us. Technology serves as an information and communication infrastructure. Engineering is so broad and can apply to so many industries — computer engineer,  mechanical engineer, civil engineer, chemical engineer, and the list goes on.

Oh, and engineering is totally based on mathematics. This is all like a chain where all four topics blend in to compliment each other. Why is it that in real life things do not work just the same, where women and men are presented with the same opportunities to enter in this field? Continue reading